Video Marketing: Don’t Blink or You’ll Miss It

What comes to your mind when you hear the date February 14th? Cupid? Hearts? Valentine’s Day? All logical thoughts, but this was also a very important date in the online marketing world. On February 14th 2005, the domain was activated and the world of video marketing was soon to be born.

April 23, 2005 was the day a video was first uploaded to YouTube. Entitled, Me At The Zoo, the video shows YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim at the San Diego Zoo. The video can still be viewed on the site, along with millions of other video footage. How much to be exact? According to YouTube, 48 hours worth of video clips are uploaded every minute, resulting in nearly 8 years of content uploaded every single day.

In just under 10 pages you’ll find out:

  • The reasons to invest in video marketing
  • How to create your first video
  • Tips and tricks for creating great videos on a budget
  • How to get your videos found

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