The Marketing Game

To achieve a global understanding of the concepts of Marketing and Digital Marketing and after studying the different features, solutions and products, I finally found this analogy to help me understand this universe.

Yes, Marketing is a game, with my apologies. Of course, little chance is involved, it is a game of logic or intelligent. Even for those who defend the Marketing as a science, it is precisely the knowledge of this science that provides distinct advantages in the game. Thinking of the best games of logic and intelligence, it quickly emerges existing chess, which I find more matches quickly along with my analogy. It is a game where a good strategy will provide the desired long-term results, while good tactics will involve partial victories, sometimes sufficient to achieve overall objectives.

Who is the King? It is the company with the mission of running the game and order the actions of other parts. On the major and minor pieces they would be the different advertising channels. In this way, I think the Queen would be present Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing, due to continuous strong growth and its ability to provide different movement types due to the use of various tools: Pay-per-click, social media, e-mail Marketing and many more that will be addressed in future articles. The towers could represent the powerful TV ads, and other pieces may represent other traditional channels such as press, radio, events, brochures, etc.. Of course some pieces will be stronger and more relevant than others, the consistency will be provided by the integrated Marketing vision of the Company.

Let us continue, what do the pawns represent? The are the various Marketing campaigns, with a clear goal to become final crowning queens of the business activities of the company.

El Juego del Marketing

Obviously there are also clear differences, considering the following two as the main ones. First, the objectives of the game that are, in general, make money, lots of money if possible, and get clients or, even better thought out, friends. The goal is not, a priori, to beat another player and make it a cruel fighting game, but to get friends, customers, subscribers, suppliers, partners, and so on. Second difference, the duration. It is a continues game that should never end, as the Marketing should be a permanent action that should not stop to keep the position.

Of course, there are enemies. One of them, a bit intangible, is the time, it is a game against the clock where new developments, especially in technology, make the rules change but the overall objectives should not change, to remember always, make money and attract customers . The other enemy is, of course, competition. Although each company plays its own game, you have to take a look always to the position of rivals, if not surpassing them, at least having an equal position. Although there are large differences in the size of the troops it must always bear in mind the battlefield (local, national, global).

The above is in accordance with the activity of WSI, which is to perform a comprehensive Digital Marketing consultancy that provides a comprehensive strategy and practical solutions to substantially improve profitability and promote the businesses of the companies, small and medium size mainly.

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