The Digital Marketing Game

Today we enter the Digital Marketing world where we continue with the analogy with the Chess game although we will use now a board with digital pieces only.

In this game the King is still the Company, responsible for the strategy and tactics to follow with these modern pieces. For the time being the Queen is represented by the Social Media, that provides a great dynamism with a special mission: in addition to support marketing activities, it should monitor the Company’s Reputation in the digital world. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and others of minor importance actually, all of them provide high visibility on the Internet and new and creative advertising opportunities, many of them still undiscovered.

The towers are responsible for providing robustness to the system and within the Internet are identified with the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) activities of the Company. Google positioning represents the strength of the web site online, long-term movements in the same direction that match the more static nature of the towers.

The Digital Marketing Game

Regarding the smaller pieces, bishops and horses, we also have room for other digital marketing tools. On the one hand would be the classic PPC (Pay per Click) and E-mail Marketing. Furthermore, let us also place the innovations that represent the Video and the Mobile, the latter with a great future with still unknown possibilities. And the pawns represent the various Digital Marketing Campaigns, supported by the other components, they can be continuous in time, occasional, seasonal, for special offers and liquidations, for brand exposure, etc.

We add a fundamental difference with the Chess game. In this game the logical tendency is to diminish the number of pieces on the board as the time passes. The logical occurrence in Digital Marketing is to increase the resources according to an appropriate Return Of Investment (ROI). The measurement of this and other business indicators is essential and in the digital world this task is greatly facilitated by the use of Web Analytics tools. At WSI we specialize in the performance measurement services that always go together with the rest of the Digital Marketing solutions that we deliver to our customers.

Future articles will go deeper into each of the strategies and digital solutions, always with the focus and objective of contributing to the improvement and promotion of online businesses for small and medium size enterprises mainly.

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