Juan Peralta - Consultor de Marketing Digital de WSI

The Digital Marketing Game

Today we enter the Digital Marketing world where we continue with the analogy with the Chess game although we will use now a board with digital pieces only. In this game the King is still the Company, responsible for the strategy and tactics to follow with these modern pieces. For the time being the Queen…

Juan Peralta - Consultor de Marketing Digital de WSI

The Marketing Game

To achieve a global understanding of the concepts of Marketing and Digital Marketing and after studying the different features, solutions and products, I finally found this analogy to help me understand this universe. Yes, Marketing is a game, with my apologies. Of course, little chance is involved, it is a game of logic or intelligent….

Juan Peralta - Consultor de Marketing Digital de WSI

Welcome to our blog

Hello everybody. This blog aims to share ideas, news, experiences, events and comments about the Digital Marketing world. For us it should be useful to improve our knowledge, experience and the professionalism of our services. For our visitors this blog will assist them to know interesting market innovations and news as well as writing comments…

7 Reasons Your SEO Efforts Are not Working

Everyone who has ever managed their website’s SEO knows that it’s a complicated field with many nuances, rumours and changes, which makes it hard to define what really works. Some experiment months before they realize that SEO is not bringing the results they desire. Quite often, the reason is a deviation from basic SEO truths….

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